Month: December 2015


Savoir-Faire is Everywhere – Animation Favorite

Klondike Kat Always Gets His Mouse Klondike Kat is an animation series of cartoon shorts that was included first in The Beagles on CBS-TV, then in the U.S. syndicated Underdog and Tennessee Tuxedo. The main character Klondike Kat is a wildcat mountie and lives in Fort Frazzle. Klondike Kat’s commanding officer is the always lovable but not […]

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Richard Dawson - Match Game '78

Everything Old is Made New Again – Richard Dawson/Match Game

While everything is getting “rebooted” sometimes the best things are the things that have been done already The Game Show Network and Buzzr TVBuzzr are TV networks that are showing old games shows. As everyone knows (wink wink) one of the best vintage game shows of all time is Match Game, Then to pinpoint it exactly, the […]

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