Richard Dawson - Match Game '78

Everything Old is Made New Again – Richard Dawson/Match Game

While everything is getting “rebooted” sometimes the best things are the things that have been done already

The Game Show Network and Buzzr TVBuzzr are TV networks that are showing old games shows. As everyone knows (wink wink) one of the best vintage game shows of all time is Match Game, Then to pinpoint it exactly, the best vintage Match Game run is when Richard Dawson was a panelist.

Richard Dawson a legend in the Game Show Television Business

Yes, Richard Dawson, before the movie “The Running Man” before Family Feud and after Hogan’s Heroes Richard Dawson was a panelist on the game show Match Game. From 1973 to 1978 Richard owned the lower center seat of the 6 seat 2 tier panel of celebrities (and at times questionable celebrity status. Even in 1978 some of these celebrities probably weren’t really well known). Richard was always the goto celebrity for answering the final super match, This is where a contestant had to match one celebrity with one word. Not an easy task but Richard Dawson made many people big winners in mostly getting the correct match.

Richard was a real “man about town” but a true gentlemen. Richard even married a contestant from Family Feud, a marriage that latest over 20 years until Richards death.

This is the entire show of Match Game ’78 where Richard Dawson appears for the last time in the series before taking the hosting position of Family Feud. Richard passed away in 2012 and was truly a legendary personality that hollywood hasn’t or may not see again.

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