Savoir-Faire is Everywhere – Animation Favorite

Klondike Kat Always Gets His Mouse

Klondike Kat is an animation series of cartoon shorts that was included first in The Beagles on CBS-TV, then in the U.S. syndicated Underdog and Tennessee Tuxedo. The main character Klondike Kat is a wildcat mountie and lives in Fort Frazzle. Klondike Kat’s commanding officer is the always lovable but not always capable Major Minor. Klondike is a special operative on the team because “Klondike Cat always gets he’s mouse” Klondike Kat’s main nemesis is lovable Savoir Faire. And we know that “Klondike Cat will make mice meat out of that mouse”.

klondike kat and major minor

Klondike Kat and Major Minor

Savoir-Faire is Everywhere

Savoir Faire is a french gentlemen mouse that enjoys, traveling, listening to classical music and stealing food. Savori-Faire is taken well care of by his manservant Malamut. I big husky dog that attends to everyone of Savoir’s needs and even plays a mean violin. As he steals the villages food he’s battle cry is “Savoir Faire is Everywhere”

savoir faire

Savoir Faire

One of my Favorites

This was one of my favorite cartoons when I was younger. It was very much like Tom and Jerry, The road runner, Bugs Bunny and Elmer fudd where the 2 main characters would battle each other in creative and comic ways till one was victorious. Posted below is the first every episode of the series. Most of the episodes were similar in setups and dialog, but remember this is originally for kids and even The Three Stooges did similar gags throughout their series.

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