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2015 Best of movies

Best Movies of 2015 List

It happens every year and this is no exception. Here are the best movies of 2015 list. Enjoy, Use and post comments if you agree or not. Read More

Consume Art – Digital Artist Hal Hefner

This is digital art from Hal Hefner. He creates a digital experience through use of award winning art, design, writing and strategy. Some of the focus of his “Consume Art” have been Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, JayZ, Bill Cosby among many. It’s a very interesting take on pop art and i’m sure is inspired for Shepard Fairy, […]

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Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit

What do Nirvana and Rick Astley have in common?

This is truly one of the greatest mashups since........yesterday. This mashup is mixing Nirvana’s 1990’s world changing smash hit “Smells like teen spirit” with Rick Astley’s 80’s hit song “Never going to give you up” Mashup’s are when 2 pre-recorded songs are mixed together. Sometimes referred to as bastard pop/rock. Now since I can’t get [...] Read More

Savoir-Faire is Everywhere – Animation Favorite

Klondike Kat Always Gets His Mouse Klondike Kat is an animation series of cartoon shorts that was included first in The Beagles on CBS-TV, then in the U.S. syndicated Underdog and Tennessee Tuxedo. The main character Klondike Kat is a wildcat mountie and lives in Fort Frazzle. Klondike Kat’s commanding officer is the always lovable but not […]

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Richard Dawson - Match Game '78

Everything Old is Made New Again – Richard Dawson/Match Game

While everything is getting “rebooted” sometimes the best things are the things that have been done already The Game Show Network and Buzzr TVBuzzr are TV networks that are showing old games shows. As everyone knows (wink wink) one of the best vintage game shows of all time is Match Game, Then to pinpoint it exactly, the […]

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Hybrid Animals – Using Photoshop for Good

Photoshop is a very powerful imaging tool. From the days of PT Barnum the strange and odd always fascinated us. It maybe showed us the possibility of what can happen.  Photoshop is a very powerful imaging tool. It’s been used to make people look different to remove things not wanted, alter reality. Here is an […]

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